Well Being Ideas for the Workplace – Promote Greater Productivity and Engagement Levels

Want to increase productivity and engagement levels at your workplace? One of the most effective ways to do so are to take on various wellness initiatives that address various elements like emotional health, mental health, sense of job fulfillment, social connectivity and other aspects.

Wellbeing plans at the workplace don’t only have individual impacts for your employees, but can also benefit your organization as a whole in terms of generating greater productivity and engagement levels. A research claims that a happy and healthy team means you’ve reduced per employee costs by around $1,600 or even more. And obviously, absenteeism is lower as well.

There are many ways in which companies can run wellness initiatives, from something small scale to more strategic long term programs. Some suggestions are featured here:

Fitness programs on premises

Regular physical activity ensures a healthy work life balance. Fitness can be integrated into the office environment by inviting an expert in their field to run sessions. The options can include sit-stand desks, yoga classes, stress management education to fully featured fitness centers.

Mindfulness Training

Mindfulness training relieves a person of stress and balances their work and personal lives. This allows your employees to increase their focus and improve their efficiencies. Anything from simple, deep breathing exercises to 30-minute meditation sessions can help your employees relax, which affects their performance and overall well-being. The benefits of mindfulness in the workplace has been proved scientifically.

Flexible Working Arrangements

Flexibility in working arrangements can motivate your team and so they tend to deliver better performance levels.

Given long commuting can create longer days and even stress with traffic and over-crowded public transport, flexible working arrangements can support staff since they avoid such conditions. By

accommodating flexible working, even one or two days a week, the benefits of saving time can be highly valuable.

Coaching and Mentoring

Staff experience many life changes from becoming a first-time parent, moving to a new country or being given greater responsibility at work. Giving staff the options and platform to be allocated a coach or a mentor can all them to learn to manage themselves, their goals and their work and life priorities.

Emotional Intelligence Developmental Training

The ability to deal with a variety of circumstances, negative or positive can be seen by the way people react. Emotional intelligence refers to the many by which we react to any situation whether verbally or non-verbally. By offering staff with programs to learn and understand about themselves and their emotional intelligence, it can improve performance, boost productivity and reduce workplace stress.

Snooze Friendly Area

Studies highlight that sleep deficiency costs nation’s economies a great deal of money. By investing in sleep pods, staff have a means by which to take power naps to refresh and rejuvenate. Such a scheme can also support staff who work shifts or very long hours. The benefits can include improving their alertness and performance.

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