What if we flipped the script and moved away from stress management to focus on the habits of happiness…?

I embarked on a program with the Pursuit of Happiness organisation to gain more of an insight and understanding into the topic of happiness. This interactive, practical and theoretically based program was highly beneficial and useful for me; I have subsequently used these principles as part my workshops and open days.

The objective of the Pursuit of Happiness organisation is to share their learnings, insights and evidence with society on proved ways to make our lives happier. Through years of research, they have gathered a vastness of information which combines ancient wisdom with modern principles resulting in the identification of the 7 habits of happy people.

Be it the work of Seligman’s “Positive Psychology” to Socrates, Buddha to Maslow, we can adopt principles of happiness into our everyday lives. By raising an awareness of these habits, we can practically make changes in our lives to support ourselves and others.

We can understand why certain groups of people feel a sense of fulfilment and joy in their lives due to strong social circles and other individuals gain great happiness from being in flow. I will be sharing these stories and anecdotes with you in the coming weeks.

I have asked for permission from the team at the Pursuit of Happiness and will be running a series of the 7 habits of happy people. Each week, we will focus on one habit and I will share suggestions, ideas and even ask you to contribute.

I look forward to running this initiative for the next 7 weeks and believe that these elements can help everyone from the boardroom, classroom to our home lives.

“Folks are usually about as happy as they make their minds up to be.”

Abraham Lincoln

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